Mission Statement




    Graduates of East Elmhurst Community School will be:curious and courageous critical thinkers who are active, interdependent, culturally and personally aware community members.
    At East Elmhurst Community School, children learn by doing, by taking risks and by learning from their mistakes. Through the arts, writing projects and content based dialogue, children develop and refine their own opinions and solutions regarding local and global issues. Through daily family engagement and collaboration, children experience consistency between home and school and have a collective network of nurturing and support that allows them to become the fullest expression of themselves.    

    Curiosity – How do you challenge your knowledge and beliefs? 

    We create space to engage in the productive dialogue of opposing views so that we can peacefully resolve conflict AND create solutions far better than those we could have created alone.  We lean in to discomfort and grow the most during periods of the greatest discomfort.   

    Courage – How do you exercise your power and how do you respond to your mistakes?

    We endeavor to have the courage to speak our minds, stand up for our beliefs, and do what is right, even when no one else will; doing this does not mean that we are unafraid – it means doing so in spite of being afraid.   Courage also means seeing failure as an opportunity to grow and learn…as a natural step on the continuum of success.  We stand in our agency and, through our studies, build the skills and knowledge so that we may advocate thoughtfully and strategically.

    Community– How do you support your community? 
    We build community by developing into the fullest expressions of ourselves AND supporting and advocating for others to be able to do the same.  We develop into our fullest expression by being creative, engaging in the journey of understanding and the pursuit of knowledge, and through our contributions to society.  As we are all interdependent and interconnected in our community, we push, create space, and advocate for all members to also fully self-express.  We do this because when even one member of our community is denied an opportunity to succeed, this limits the community’s overall capacity and, therefore, all members of our community.