Ms. Cerrone



Starting at a young age, I found painting, drawing and photography to be a positive, creative outlet. I knew I was always able to express myself through my artwork, even at times when words didn't come so naturally.  As an educator, I am determined to help others discover the benefits of creating art. Finding your passion can become challenging, but by experimenting with new materials, artists and artistic methods, it allows for there to be a discovery. I want to expose my students to as much as a possible, allowing for them to create their own personal opinions on which materials, styles and artists they enjoy. I find inspiration all around me and I LOVE to travel the world. I plan on teaching my students to really look around them and become an observer to the beautiful things both naturally and man-made. At East Elmhurst Community School, I am very excited for the opportunity to teach your children, as well as, learning from them.