Becoming Involved

We Always Need Your Ideas and Support
The interest that all of you have shown over the years is very much appreciated, as the Parent Teacher Association strives to create a community of friends.
The committee can organize a host of events through the year, but it is only through the support of the community of parents and friends that we will all achieve our targets. Therefore, please continue to come along with your friends and families to our events, and please help to spread the word of the work that we do. Everyone is welcome.
If you do feel throughout the years that you would like to take a more active interest and become a member of the committee, please feel free to contact us through email and come along to our meetings, where I guarantee a warm welcome.
The main aim of the Parent Teacher Association is to achieve their goals through a community of supporters. With this in mind, we would ask you to consider the best way for you to support the activities of the association. This support may be provided by volunteering just a few hours a month, or even a few hours in a school year. Supporting events and helping organize or attending can make a difference. The volunteers involved in the PTA are committed to making the best decision possible to benefit our children. Parent support and involvement is the key to our continued success! The Parent Teacher Association is always looking for new members with fresh ideas.
PTA meetings are held the second Thursday of each month from 6pm to 8pm. During the meeting, we plan events, discuss volunteer opportunities, and review the results of each event. Yes, we will ask for some of your time. However, by spreading the task, as we do, this will only be for a couple of hours per month.
As a supporter, we would ask that you become actively involved by attending our events.
Even if you find that you cannot attend on the evening, you can support the events by donating raffle prizes. These prizes help us to raise funds through raffle tickets.
Your support, whatever form that may take, will be gratefully received.
Should you wish to join the committee,help organize, attend events or donate raffle prizes, then please contact the PTA or speak to Ms. Karolhyn the Parent Coordinator.
And finally:
By supporting your child's school Parent Teacher Association, you will be supporting your child's school, and supporting your child.
Thank You!
PTA President