Ms. Cole

 My name is Ms. Cole!!! I am you child's music teacher. I have taught music for several years within the New York City area.I love traveling and eating with my husband! I wish I owned a dog but none are allowed in my apartment building.  I grew up playing instruments and singing throughout my public school experience. My favorite instrument to play is the flute! I started playing the flute in 4th grade and my passion for this led me to want to become a music teacher. I think Music is the best subject in the world!!! It allows you to be creative, free, expressive, and its just plain fun! This year I will be exposing different grades to the elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, and experiencing them through playing different instruments.  Certain grades will be playing the recorder, xylophones, ukulele and various percussion instruments. Take a look at this page to see what we are doing in class and also videos to help your child practice at home!

Student Experience

Musician's Corner

This year in music, I will be working on skills that develop critical insights into playing instruments and performing; making social, cultural, and historical connections through music, and becoming lifelong learners in and advocates for music. In short, I desire to create a love and appreciation for music whether your child decides to continue learning and/or playing an instrument in the future.  Each grade band will have a different focus that will build music literacy with the goal of becoming fluent readers of music. 

Students will learn proper techniques to sing, read/clap rhythms, read melodic notation, engage in movement, listen to different genres of music, practice finger exercises on various instruments and participate in music games. Students will also be focusing on certain instruments (xylophones, guitar, recorder, ukulele and classroom percussion instruments) by grade to build competency in reading music fluently.


Grade Focus