Benefits for All

  • Benefits for Children
    • Children behave better and achieve more when their parents are involved in their education;
    • Their parents receive advice about how to support their learning;
    • Their concerns can be resolved more quickly when their parents have a good relationship with the school.
  • Benefits for Parents

    • Parents are able to express their views and know that they can make a difference;
    • They develop a sense of ownership;
    • They receive advice about how to support their children's learning;
    • They learn more about how the school operates.

    Benefits for the School 

    • A better understanding of parent's views and experiences;
    • A way of drawing new and different parents into active involvement;
    • A way of demonstrating that the school is engaging with parents;
    • Improved pupil behavior and results, as parents have the biggest influence on the success of their children;
    • A chance to work with parents to find solutions to difficulties.