Third Grade

Ms. Gomez


Ms. Gomez received her Bachelors from York College then went on to receive her Masters of education with a bilingual extension from Queens College. This is her 5th year teaching the third grade dual language class in P.S 329Q.

Ms. Gomez believes  in encouraging students' learning by incorporating creative learning centers, various forms of technology, hands-on activities, inquiry based learning, and critical thinking.  These methods prove to stimulate student’s social, emotional, physical, and academic growth. I utilize these strategies to introduce new concepts, establish a connection between the classroom and everyday life, and foster an exciting and engaging atmosphere.

While education is very important, Ms. Gomez also believes in encouraging a sense of community and family in the classroom to better support students' emotional needs as well.

Ms. Sibucao


Ms. Sibucao received her B.A. major in Early Childhood Education from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines and my M.S.Ed in General and Special Education in Early Childhood from Touro College. She taught as a K-6 general education teacher in Philippines for two years and as a Universal Pre-Kindergarten teacher in Richmond Hill, Queens for four years.

She strongly believes in the importance of teacher encouragement and motivation for students. She aims to encourage students while teaching them to be intrinsically motivated by offering challenging yet fun and supportive lessons and activities. Having a safe, fun and supportive class is important for me that is why she believe in using preventive and supportive behavior strategies more than corrective. She achieves this through providing engaging lessons and by establishing clear expectations.

Ms. Robinson


Ms. Robinson joined the East Elmhurst Community School family our opening year in 2014. Since joining us, she has taught Kindergarten ICT, First Grade and Second Grade! This will be Ms. Robinson's first year teaching Third Grade ICT with her co-teacher, Ms. Luckie.
She has her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Elementary Education, as well as her Masters Degree in Literacy.

Ms. Robinson strongly believes that the best teachers show you where to look, but do not tell you what to see. She sees the importance in hands-on discovery in the classroom to help our students become the very best independent learners that they can be. Ms. Robinson implements flexible seating in her classroom to ensure that all students are comfortable and focused while learning! Having a fun, exciting, safe, and supportive classroom community is incredibly important to Ms.Robinson, as she uses humor and love to connect with her students. 

Ms. Luckie


Ms. Luckie has been teaching at East Elmhurst Community School for 5 years. For the past 4 years, she has taught 4th grade. However, this is her first year teaching 3rd grade. Ms. Luckie is from Dutchess County, New York and attended Marist College where she received her B.A. in Elementary General and Special Education. After she finished her B.A., Ms. Luckie moved to New York City where she started her first teaching job at an independent school located on the Upper West Side. During this time, Ms. Luckie completed her Master’s Degree in Literacy from Hunter College. Currently, Ms. Luckie lives in Scarsdale, NY where she loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Ms. Luckie believes that children excel most when there is a sense of community in the classroom. Whether it is celebrating each other’s differences or helping one another during a time of need, Ms. Luckie believes this type of environment allows students to perform their best work at their greatest potential.   

Mr. Silverman (Math)

Mr. Silverman loves teaching math, and helping students come up with problem-solving strategies.  He also enjoys playing chess and is really excited about this year's chess team!  Mr. Silverman attended Teachers College for his Masters in Elementary Education and then went on to receive a Postgraduate degree at Hunter College. 

MATH Fact Challenges [Practice]


Math Vocabulary

Students should be able to understand the following vocabulary and use them in complete sentences when explaining their work. 

"groups of"

rows/ columns

commutative property 

factors & products