Ukulele with Mr. Matthew

Our teaching assistant from ArtistYear, Mr. Matthew, is offering FREE ukulele lessons to our students in grades 3-5.  We have 30 available seats.  Interested students should submit a short essay to by 2/5/2021 addressing the following:
1.  What role does music play in your life?  Talk about other instruments you play or the music you love.  
2.  Are you committed to attending all classes and practicing the ukulele each day?  How will you make sure you stay committed to your ukulele studies?
3.  How will you take care of your ukulele?  
Students will be chosen based on the answers to their questions.  All students will be notified when they can pick up their ukulele during the week.  Classes will begin shortly thereafter.
Students are expected to attend all classes, practice, daily, and care for their instrument in order to remain in the program.  The class schedule will be set up based on student and teacher availability.  Classes will run through June of 2021, when students must return their ukulele.   

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